The after-meal is famous in Italy for a series of rituals; whether after lunch or after dinner, coffee is a typical pit stop for true Italians seated at the table. A prize for the greedy, those who resist until the end and never give up, not even after the second side dish and third dessert! A necessity as well as a pure pleasure, after-meal coffee is a tradition!

In order not to take the approaching end of the meal too badly, the coffee is often accompanied by the so-called “ammazzacaffè”: once a noble tradition, where it was customary to drink cognac or brandy to “kill” the strong taste left in the mouth by the coffee , today it’s an excuse to extend the time of a meal and to keep drinking!

Let’s face it, the moment of the “ammazzacaffè” or more commonly known as the amaro, is precisely the proof that you have had a good time in a place or with the company with which you sat at the table; so if you don’t order at least one amaro, what should we think?

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